• 7 Dec 2016
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I have a company that has been running for the past 25 years. We do repairs and maintenance to all industrial and medium size bakery, deli and butchery equipment. We also specialize in restaurant and hotel equipment repairs and maintenance. We also specialize in the reconditioning of all bakery machinery. We have a large workshop (850m2) where the repairs and maintenance gets done from and we also have 9 technicians on the road just doing on site repairs to call outs across KZN. We cover the entire KZN up until the Eastern Cape. We are the largest Company in our industry in KZN and our name and brand is well known across KZN. We are contracted with most of the major retailers and have a huge clientele across KZN.
An investor to inject some cash money into the business and in return we will offer excellent returns on the amount invested monthly. We will also offer shares to the investor. The investor does not have to be involved in the day to day running of the business as we have a qualified team with many years experience in the industry to do this. The investor can simply get his returns monthly without having to stress about the operational side of the business.

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I have a Company that I have started 25 years ago doing repairs and maintenance to all industrial and medium sized bakery, deli and butchery equipment as well as restaurant equipment. We are currently the biggest in this industry in KZN and also have 9 Technicians on the road across KZN and they only attend to call for on site jobs to be done. I have a industrial workshop of 850m2 where I have technicians doing the repairs and maintenance of machines that cannot be repaired on site. We are also the only company that specializes in the reconditioning of bakery equipment. Our company is unique with endless opportunities. I am contracted out with most of the major retailer's across KZN and have technicians based across KZN right up to the Eastern Cape. We will start servicing Swaziland in the new year as well.