• 15 Mar 2017
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Mining / Mine
South Africa
Northern Cape
Rietfontein Mier
Land for Sale (Diamond Spike on it) R25mill NEG
Hi All, previous test were done back door Anglo geologist. Estimated value roughly were R400mill.
Then Another Client did study and he was happy with LAB reports, he is running around for funds.
I need a sale ASAP, once u have conducted your own study.
Several parties has shown interest, they went there and dig out stones, promise to sell it and share with me, which never happened.
So I anyone can go do an official geological study and provide me with a copy, then make me an offer, last offer were R14mill, including the 3 Surrounding plots Around My Aunts plot.
Should you wish to go with a team and do sampling for a week, then I would require a deposit of R230k upfront and I will issue you a Permission Letter.
Should you wish to do joint venture, and have a deposit of R6mill available I will accept.
Any Questions please feel free to contact me 24/7

Buyer that's really Serous and Have Capital.

Posted by Ruben Freeman (CEO / Director / Manager), ,

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I am an ex military and saps.

Security expert and own business.
buy and sell second hand vehicles.

Working on Mine contracts for Truck Owners.
Busy Selling a land where a Diamond Spike is present. R18million Neg.